Is your facility a union facility?

The Ortiz Center is an open shop venue. Choice labor for unloading, installing, dismantling and removal is at the discretion of the vendor/exhibitor.

What exclusive services are required in your building?

Event Security, food and beverage, utilities services, housekeeping/janitorial and setup are the exclusive services to be ordered directly through your Event Manager.

Can I use my own Audio Visual Company?

Yes, however upon utilizing the Ortiz Center for Audio Visual need, you will receive an electrical discount.  Quite often we can provide your AV services at lesser rate than an outside company.  We welcome the opportunity to bid on your AV needs.

Who is the Food & Beverage Provider in the facility?

The Ortiz Center has it's own experienced culinary team.  They work hard to create exceptional meals for all of the events in our facility.  They can create custom menus, so please let us know what you are interested in.

Who is the Audio Visual service provider?

The Ortiz Center offers a large array of Audio Visual Equipment.  Our in-house services offer reasonable pricing as well as experienced technicians.  We do allow outside vendors, however by utilizing our in-house services you will have additional savings on electrical associated with the audio visual needs.

What is your animal policy?

For the safety and comfort of all our visitors, animals are not permitted in the Ortiz Center. However, animals that are part of an approved exhibit, display or performance, which absolutely requires the use of an animal, will be permitted on a case by case basis. The customer is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits. Guide, signal or service dogs (as defined by Law) are allowed in the Ortiz Center. All sanitary needs for animals are the responsibility of the show or guest.

Does the convention center provide carts for us to use to take in equipment and exhibits?

The Ortiz Center does have carts that can be borrowed through Event Management Staff. 

Can exhibitors give out food/beverage/liquor samples and/or sell food on the show floor?

· Yes, Spectra allows for sampling during an event. However, there are restrictions as follows:
· Samples can not be greater than 2 oz.
· Samples must be manufactured, processed or distributed by the exhibiting firm.
· Samples must be related to participation in the event.
· For public health reasons, restrooms, concession stands and/or facility kitchens may not be used as exhibitor clean-up areas.
· Costs associated with the disposal of trash, waste, grease, and any other sampling-related item from the exhibitor sampling area are the responsibility of the client.
· Securing all necessary licenses and permits is the responsibility of the exhibitor.
· Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all local county health department regulations regarding food sampling, storage, equipment, and temperature. If they are not in compliance or do not obtain the proper permits, the Health Department can shut down their booth.
· A sample request F&B form must be completed and returned prior to the event.

Can I bring food and beverage items into the facility?

No outside food/beverage is allowed in the Ortiz Center. All food must be purchased on-site.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

The Ortiz Center offers complimentary Wi-Fi- throughout the entire facility.

How do I order Utility Services (electrical, water, compressed air natural gas, etc.)?

You may order services by clicking here and this will take you to our service forms.

Where can I find parking?

Please see our Parking & Directions page

What forms of public transportation are available?

Please see our Parking & Directions page for specific instructions on taking public transportation.

What are the nearest hotels?

The Radisson Hotel Corpus Christi Beach is located 3 miles from the convention center.  There are several more hotels nearby that offer complimentary shuttle service.

Do you have a list of nearby restaurants?

Here is a link to nearby restaurants.  Click for List

Can the convention center accept packages prior to my move-in?

The Ortiz Center can accept a small amount of packages prior to move in and a fee may be charged based on weight.   The amount of packages that can be accepted will be dependent on the events that are booked prior to the event receiving package.

Does the convention center offer drayage?

The Ortiz Center works with local companies to offer drayage options.  Ask you Event Manager and they can provide you with contact information for these local companies.

Does the convention center have a ATM?

The Ortiz Center does have an ATM.

How do I apply for a job at the Convention Center?

Please see our career opportunities page and see what positions may be available at the Ortiz Center or within our company nation wide.