Community Investment At the Ortiz Center and with the Port Corpus Christi

Room and equipment Discounts, as well as Table Sponsorship for events being held at the Ortiz Center are available to all Community Based Organizations and not for profit organizations that operate exclusively for charitable, scientific or educational purposes.  Individuals, Political campaigns or parties and groups that discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, sexual orientation or national origin are not eligible for sponsorship. To apply, please fill out the form at the bottom.  In 2017, Spectra at the Ortiz Center was proud to have provided almost $280,000 in sponsorships and discounts to local not for Profit and Community Based Organizations.

Please note that the Ortiz Center discounts and Table Sponsor support is seperate from Port Corpus Christi.  The Ortiz Center does not have control over any request submitted to the Port.